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Estancia La Sofia

Cr and Doma

The horses of La Sofía are of own breeding. Marcos Antín Güiraldes together with his partner, Eduardo Blousson, started with the breeding of horses in 1992. To date there are 19 mothers and stallions recognized by the ACCP (Association of Horse Breeders of Polo).

Embryos are also made with combinations of the best blood of the Argentine Polo ... Dolfina Maradona x Sirius de Novillo, Machito Banelco x Basque Basque of Heguy, Open Illuminated x Sirius, Welcome x King, Solcito x Lazaro, Costilla x Bless, Sportiva x Champagne, Lazara x Illusion.

The dressage begins at two and a half years, and at three years Marcos begins to make polo through a training that lasts two seasons at least. Once this period is over, the horses are ready for the game and the sale.

For more information: marcos @ estancialasofia. com.