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Estancia La Sofia


At La Sofía two important polo cups are organized every year, the Copa de la Tradicion in November and the Pepe Gonzalez Guerrico Cup in March.

The Tradition Cup is organized at the beginning of November, parallel to the festival of the DAY OF TRADING in San Antonio de Areco. It is endorsed by the municipality of San Antonio de Areco and has the support of the AAP (Asociación Argentina de Polo) axial as private sponsors. The cup is 8 goals. Individual players or complete teams can be registered. For more information, please contact Marcos or Silke at reservation @ estancialasofia. com.

In March the PEPE GONZALEZ GUERICO COPA is played from 4 to 6 goals. This cup is also open to registration of individual players or complete teams. For more information, please contact reservation @ estancialasofia. com.

During the season, La Sofía participates at several oficial polo tournaments organized by the Argentine Polo Association (AAP) or private tournaments in the área.